Size Charts

Here is the official Posh Panda Baby Size chart


The best way to determine which size you will need for babies and kids is by measuring in inches your child's foot on a hard flat surface while standing on a piece of paper and add half inch for growing room. As every child's foot is different I only have the age guide more for a gift reference. Please make sure to double check your measurements as I cannot do size exchanges for ordering the wrong size.






Sole Types for reference:

Double Suede:

leather midsoles as well as an added base layer of Leather for comfort + durability


Minimalist:  4mm in thickness and super flexible natural rubber


Rugged: 10mm in thickness and not as flexible and more of a foam like rubber (same base rubber as birkenstocks)


Hybrid: Mix feeling between the natural rubber and the flexible foam like rubber giving these soles that thickness but also the flexibility combined.



Any closed toe Mocs the edge stitching line is technically the insole measurement and the outsole is right to the edge of the rubber sole base.

Sandals are the exact same sole sizing as the Mocs but For sandals since they are open ended you can technically go by the outsole measurements (edge to edge) since there isn’t the leather stitched around closing in your foot into the shoe. 


Rancherr Boot Size chart:

These boots are made in Mexico and not by Posh Panda So they have a different size chart.