Collection: Sandals

Is sandals sizing different from regular Mocs?

The base sole and shape is exactly the same as the regular moccasins and boots for the sandals but the biggest difference is that the sandals are open ended so you can go by the outsole measurements since it will now be usable space in the sandals. If you are still unsure please join the facebook group "Posh Panda Friends" as there are lots and lots or good posts and pictures on peoples feet with measurements and sizing recommendations. MOST people have SIZED DOWN in the sandals for this reason.



How To Measure?

PLEASE go by actual measurements and not just the regular shoe size that you purchase since brands all have different sizing.

The best way to measure Is to trace your foot onto a piece of paper while standing flat and then measure the foot tracing. Because the sandals are open ended please remember you have more usable space for your foot so you are going to want to SIZE DOWN.

Width Accommodation?

Because the leathers are soft and the straps are adjustable the insole width can safely accommodate up to an additional 10mm wider than the listed insole width.

If you have a low volume foot you can request in the notes for me to punch an extra hole so that you can tighten them more as the leather will stretch.

What Is the elastic heel ADD ON option for the Slide Sandals?

You can have this elastic heel stitched to the back of the slide sandals to be used as an easy on and off heel strap option.

Why is the tail so long on the leather heel strap?

I have tried to accommodate for different ankle sizes as best as possible so once you adjust your heel strap buckle to the perfect fit just simply cut the rest of the extra tail to where you would like them,


What is the difference between the SNAP and RIVET option?

Both options have working adjustable buckles but the snap option is so that you can unsnap the heel strap to take on and off super fast and convenient. 

The rivet also has working adjustable buckles but is stuck in place so you would have to use the working buckles to take on and off. Or shimmy your foot in and out without unbuckling if you prefer.


Different Sole Types?

 Original Minimalist:
4mm in thickness and SUPER flexible natural rubber. If you have a tendency to catch your toes of shoes while walking I advise against this sole type. 

10mm in thickness and not as flexible and more of a foam like rubber. It is the same base rubber as birks
(Can be bent but doesn’t roll)

Mix feeling between the natural rubber and the flexible foam like rubber giving these soles that thickness but also the flexibility combined. Also slightly grippier
Comes in 4mm 6mm and 8mm thickness
(4mm can roll exactly like the minimalist but is less “floppy”)