What is your return policy?

We are still a very small business and due to shipping costs being so HIGH and items all being handmade as well as for hygiene reasons as these shoes are meant to be worn barefoot we DO NOT DO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. 

**Please refer to our size chart for the best fit and detailed measurements*

All Products are handmade so please allow for up to 5mm (.5cm) discrepancies in sewing due to the leathers being so soft and supple.

If you just try to ship back an item asking for a refund you will only be refunded the order amount minus a restocking/payment processing fee plus brokerage fees if applicable.


 What are your Shipping Options?

Shipping will either go out Canada Post or by currier. Shipping times range depending on which option it is shipped with. If you have a PO Box your order will always go through Canada Post.

Fedex Currier Shipping times to the US have been taking about 4-7 days.

Please keep in mind when shipping International that I am NOT responsible for duties or taxes once it enters your country and due to customs clearance etc they can take awhile to get to you.

YOU are responsible for knowing your countries tax, duty or VAT charges that Your government charges on international shipments. 

 Once the package leaves my address the currier is responsible for it and you will want to talk to them first to sort out any tracking issues or concerns.

What are the different Sole Types?

Soft Sole: This is the same exact soft sole leather as the kids and can be used on Adult Sizing as well. 

Thicker Soft Sole: If you are wanting Adult sizing soft sole mocs I can also make them in a really nice Little Bit thicker moose hide that will give the adult soft sole mocs more durability to last longer.

Double Suede:

leather midsoles as well as an added base layer of Suede Leather for comfort + durability


Minimalist:  4mm in thickness and super flexible natural rubber


Rugged: 10mm in thickness and not as flexible and more of a foam like rubber (same base rubber as birks)


Hybrid: Mix feeling between the natural rubber and the flexible foam like rubber giving these soles that thickness but also the flexibility combined.


How do I measure my child's foot?

The best way to determine which size you will need is by measuring  your child's foot on a hard flat surface (piece of paper on the floor) while standing and add half inch for growing room. As every child's foot is different I only have the age guide more for a gift reference. Please make sure to double check your measurements as I cannot do size exchanges for ordering the wrong size.


How do the Adult Mocs fit?

 Adult mocs are all made of soft leathers and are meant to fit snug at first as they will stretch to your feet in as little as a few hours of wearing them. Please follow the size chart and if you are a half size we recommend sizing down.

If you are unsure on the size please join the facebook group "Posh Panda Friends" where there are lots of people in there who are very helpful with sizing tips and comparisons etc.

Posh Panda Sizing uses US sizing and all size charts are listed with exact detailed measurements down to the mm for the most accurate fit. Please measure and follow our exact size charts for the best fit possible.


What is your turn around time?

95% Of the website is ready to ship items so most orders will ship anywhere from 1-7 days after ordering. If you are in a rush you can always message me before you order and I can let you know if what you are ordering is finished and ready to ship. My custom order turn around time changes from season to season for the holidays it is sitting at 2-5 weeks.


Where is your local pick up?

Local Pickup is in Lethbridge, Alberta on the south side of town. You will get exact address and pickup details emailed once you have placed your order and selected the local pickup option. 


Can I place a custom order?

 Yes Custom orders can be made with specific colours and styles. I also have made many mocs custom widths 

There Are NEW custom listings with visualization that makes custom ordering super simple and streamlined. I have tried to match the colours as close as possible to the original leathers but if you are wanting to double check please just search that colour listing and you will see a listing with a finished pair in that exact leather.

These listings are used for visualization and easy simple streamlined custom ordering without having to email back and forth trying to make sure I have the leathers in stock.



Do you have mens sizes?

I do have mens sizing and I do take custom orders for mens shoes often. If you have any questions about mens just EMAIL me and I can let you know If They can be made to their size. 


Can Adult Mocs be worn outside?

Yes! These Mocs can be worn outside every pair of Mocs has a rubber sole that is both durable and provides some grip.

Do printed leathers wear differently?  

Yes all printed or tooled leathers are either “printed on” or “pressed into” the leather after the fact by the manufacturers and therefore will wear differently than the regular leather Mocs. It will naturally wear off over time due to friction and stretching because of the nature of how the leather is made. 

How do I care for my hair hide Mocs?

We recommend that you clean your hair hide mocs with a soft bristle brush in the direction of the hairIf you need to remove any stains or dirt use a neutral soap and soft cloth with warm water. 

Try to avoid excess rubbing or friction as hair hide may naturally fall out or shed in certain areas due to friction and excess rubbing of jeans etc. This will not change the quality or structure of your Mocs and they can last you for years when taken care of. 

Do insoles change the fit of the mocs?

Yes insoles will slightly change the fit making the fit more snug how ever the more you wear them the more they will form to your foot. 


Are insoles washable?

We recommend to hand wash only since we have added a thin rubber base to your insole for a slip prevention.  Sheep skin naturally is absorbent and helps prevent odour.


Can I wear socks in them? 

You can wear socks in them but keep in mind it will make them fit more snug. You may want to wear them around first to initially stretch them in barefoot first.


Do I have to purchase insoles separate ?

Yes all sheep skin insoles are an add on to your purchase and are removable.


How Do I contact Posh Panda?

Please Try to use EMAIL only for contacting about any custom orders or inquiries. 

Emails are checked as quickly as possible so if you do not receive a response please just try to forward the email again to me so it ends up at the top of the list to read. 

I am a very small business and also have 3 small children and a regular life outside of work so if you do not instantly receive a reply I'm usually sewing or glueing or keeping up with orders and will reply as soon as possible. 

Thank you.


What is the difference between the snap and rivet options on the sandals?

Both options have working adjustable buckles but the snap option is so that you can unsnap the heel strap to take on and off super easy and convenient. The rivet has the strap stuck in place so you would have to use the working buckles.

Is the sandal sizing different?

The base sole and shape is exactly the same as the regular moccasins and boots for the sandals but the biggest difference is that the sandals are open ended so you can go by the outsole measurements since it will now be usable space in the sandals. If you are still unsure please join the facebook group "Posh Panda Friends" as there are lots and lots or good posts and pictures on peoples feet with measurements and sizing recommendations. Some people have sized down in the sandals for this reason.